Texas means a lot to us as a family. It's where I started my career. It's where my wife was relocated after Hurricane Katrina destroyed her hometown of New Orleans. It's where we met at a bus stop in Houston, TX. It's where our kids were born in Houston and Austin. It's where we built our first home in Waco, TX.

And Texas is so much more to us, and to millions of others. Texas means football, barbecue, and tailgate parties. It means wide open country and a big sky. It means prairies, farms, piney woods, and desert land. It means mountains, valleys, flood and drought. It means twisters and water spouts, arid lands and humid towns. Texas means freedom. It means passion. It means pride.

Texas is more than just a state - it's a state of mind.

And that's what our Texanology Studio is all about.